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At Sunrise Growers, we understand that quality begins at the farm level. Our processing facilities are strategically located in the heart of the key growing regions, so that the vast majority of fruit can be harvested, inspected & graded, carefully cleaned & cut, sorted & sized and “flash” frozen within hours after harvest. This efficient field to facility timing allows us to ripen the fruit longer for optimal taste, appearance & nutrition.

Our well-diversified global infrastructure includes one state-of-the art processing facility in Santa Maria, California, two facilities in Oxnard, California, one in Kansas City, Kansas, and another processing plant in in Jacona, Mexico (Opus Foods). We invest in modern, highly efficient processing equipment and have redundant equipment at our locations to enhance flexibility and mitigate risks. In addition, our skilled team of operations, food safety and engineering experts have developed unique processes and manufacturing innovations that result in improved fruit character, less bruising and reduced moisture loss, to improve overall product quality and customer satisfaction.

The close connection & communication between our facilities and our grower network allows us to have immediate feedback about product quality and conditions. Therefore we can react with lightning speed and take action to improve recoveries, enhance quality, ensure supply and mitigate potential issues. This approach to the business also provides an advantage for growers who need to rapidly react to changing field, market & weather conditions and need a processing partner they can count on.