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Global Grower Network

Sunrise Growers has an extensive grower and processing network that allows us to freeze and ship fresh fruit worldwide. Because fresh fruit is perishable and highly vulnerable to weather events and transportation delays, we’ve developed relationships with partner processors and shippers to ensure access to freezing facilities within a few hours of all growing regions. We’ve also created regional crop redundancies within our network to maintain an uninterrupted supply of fresh fruit.

In addition to providing our customers with a wide variety of frozen products year round, our network also opens up new opportunities for growers who traditionally have access to only local markets or regions. The establishment of bigger, stronger and more reliable markets for our growers is a huge source of pride for our organization. To learn more about grower program, click here.

Our global grower network partners are held to the highest standards. All growers and operating facilities are required to undergo strict third-party audits. We also perform our own on-site inspections and safety checks to independently verify documentation and audit results.