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At Sunrise Growers, we’re leading the global effort to create better sustainable practices in the way fruit is grown, harvested and processed. To us, sustainability isn’t a buzzword; it’s the way we do business on a daily basis.

As an organization that relies on natural resources, Sunrise Growers is committed to reducing our environmental impact by leaving a smaller ecological footprint. Our standard practices include rotating crops to keep soil robust, applying fertilizers and crop protection products through drip irrigation systems only as needed to support the development of the crop, and measuring our crop input products. We also encourage the use of beneficial insects as a means to naturally control pests. Above all else, we conserve water, a rapidly diminishing resource worldwide.

At our processing facilities, we use solar power where possible and process during off-peak utility hours. We recycle many key paper, wood and plastic products, and measure energy and water consumption to maintain continuous improvement. We’ve also eliminated liquid nitrogen from our process, which reduces ozone impact.