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Pears are a delicious and healthful snacking choice. Packed with nutrients, fiber and antioxidants, they’ve been shown to protect against varying types of cancer. Pears also make a smart snack for those with diabetes since the bloodstream slowly absorbs the fruit’s carbs, preventing a spike in blood sugar. Between their delicious taste and positive health benefits, it’s little wonder that Homer called pears the “gift of the gods.”

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We offer a wide range of package sizes, structures and options tailored to suit your needs, from high impact graphics on laminated stand up pouches to traditional polybags and plastic tubs. Whether you require simple sealed, food safe packages, premium and convenient “tear to open” re-sealable packages, or environmentally friendly and sustainability-focused structures, our experts will work with you to design the package that best meets your requirements. Standard packaging includes:

  • Polybags, from 5 oz. to 6lbs.
  • Stand Up Pouches, from 8 oz. to 4lbs.
  • Single Serve & Multi-Serve formats

Product formats include:

  • Frozen pear halves and diced cut pear
  • Ability to create blends with up to 5 different fruits
  • Organic Pear & Kosher certified products available
  • All products are peeled, cut, carefully washed & ready to eat